Cabo Verde implements Automated Border Control egates for arrivals

ABC egates use facial recognition biometrics

Cabo Verde airport has implemented a system of automated border control egates using biometric checks on arriving passengers.

The airport now has 11 Panasonic egates using facial recognition biometrics meaning to check the identity of incoming passengers.

The Panasonic biometric egates with facial recognition are integrated with national and international watch-lists like Advance Passenger Information (API), etc.

The new ABC biometric border control system also includes an online visa and security airport fee (Electronic Travel System or ETS) issuing system.

The system is being implemented in several phases:

Phase 1

This focused on pre-enrollment (visa and airport security fee).

People who want to visit the islands apply online, through a dedicated website. They proceed to pay what Cape Verde asks and are provided with an application number, which allows them to use the border process on arrival.

Phase 2

The second phase focused on the implementation of the Panasonic e-gates in Cabo Verde’s four internationals airports in Praia, Sal, Boa Vista and São Vicente.

Phase 3

The third and final phase is the integration of the full Border Control Solution with watch lists and APIs, which is currently ongoing and expected to be completed in 2021.

Once fully operational, the solution will enable a reduction in the time spent on border control per passenger from 1 minute 30 seconds to 30 seconds using the e-gates.


The ABC system using Panasonic egates is being introduced by Panasonic’s Belgian partner Zetes.

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