British Airways sells passengers discounted Covid-19 test kits

British Airways passengers can buy global antigen tests at a discounted price of £33.

The rapid test kits can be ordered to any UK address. As the kits are portable, passengers can take them with them abroad, in preparation for their return journey to the UK.

The test is remotely administered by a professional health advisor over a scheduled video call. The health advisor guides the passenger through taking a nose and throat swab and processing the sample. Verified results are available after 20 minutes, and the passenger can download a ‘fit to fly’ certificate if the test is negative.

Rapid Covid-19 tests use a diagnostic lateral flow device (LFD) to confirm the presence or absence of the virus. Qured’s rapid tests use a nose and/or throat swab to transfer the sample onto a lateral flow cassette.

How it works

  • Passengers pay for the test and get the test kit next day.
  • They are sent a link to sign up and book their virtual clinic slot.
  • Before the virtual appointment the patient will receive a link to access Qured’s secure video consultation platform.
  • They enter their name and enter the virtual waiting room and a health advisor will start the call at their chosen time.
  • The passenger is guided through the test procedure, the whole process taking around 10 minutes.
  • Results are available 20 minutes after the the test.
  • Passengers email a photo of their ID and the LFD to Qured for verification.
  • The passenger is notified via text and email that their test result is available. If negative, they can download a ‘fit to fly’ certificate to be presented at the airport or uploaded to the VeriFly app.


The test kits come from Qured, a small private London-based company. Qured’s remote care platform provides Covid-19 testing overseen by a professional health advisor, with verified results available after 20 minutes.


British Airways recently also began a trial of a digital travel health app. Called VeriFLY, the app is designed to check passengers meet the entry requirements of their destination by providing digital health document verification and confirming eligibility,.

Test results from Qured and other test providers can be safely and securely uploaded to the app. 

IATA Travel Pass

The airline continues to work on the development of the IATA Travel Pass and is exploring all digital travel verification solutions to support its passengers when air travel fully re-starts.

N.B. Image credit: British Airways

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