UEP!FLY has started operations in the Balearics

Operates 10 flights a day between 3 islands

New Spanish airline UEP!FLY has started flights between the Balearic islands.

The airline is flying between the three big islands of Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca. To start with, UEP!FLY is flying five daily return flights. Three between Palma In Mallorca and Ibiza and two daily flights between Palma and Menorca.

The plan is to increase inter-island frequencies and to operate routes to destinations on the mainland that are “less exploited” by other airlines. European flights are also being considered.

To start with, the startup airline is using a single ATR-72 aircraft with 68 all economy seats in a 2-2 layout. A second ATR-72 is expected later.

That single aircraft has to make all 10 flights. Each is about 40 minutes. Here is a table with the planned flights for 20 July 2021.

Note the terrific flight numbers.

Flight numberFromToSTDETA
WT 7770IBZPMI07300810
WT 7771PMIIBZ09000940
WT 7772IBZPMI10201100
WT 7773PMIMAH11401220
WT 7774MAHPMI13001340
WT 7775PMIIBZ14201500
WT 7776IBZPMI16001640
WT 7777PMIMAH17201800
WT 7778MAHPMI18401920
WT 7779PMIIBZ20002040

Why the name?

The airline explains it on their website.

We are Balearic and we are from the beginning rooted in our islands. Our greeting is in Majorcan and we carry it in our name “uep!” is our “hello”, our “hey!”. “Uep! Com anam?” is in our language the close and friendly “hello, how are you”. And our ‘website’ is uepfly.com. You will never forget it because it sounds like webfly.com, but in the way of our warm greeting to our customers. We want their experience to always feel like home, in our land, in our islands.

N.B. Image credit: uepfly.com

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