Kuala Lumpur International installs 100 self bag drops

Kuala Lumpur International has completed an extensive technology upgrade that includes 100 self-service bag drops.

The self bag drops are available for domestic and international passengers at terminals KLIA and KLIA2.

The slimline self-service kiosks are biometric-enabled and feature wireless connectivity.

They can be customized to fit with the airport’s brand design and specific customer needs.

The modular design means enhancements and modifications can be made without replacing the entire kiosk. 

As part of the update, Malaysia Airports has migrated to Windows 10 and upgraded its CORE servers, network equipment, and Baggage Reconciliation System.

Kuala Lumpur Airport 4.0

The upgrades are part of a broader transition from Airport 3.0 to Airport 4.0.

That aims to use of business intelligence and the collection of big data to improve the passenger experience.

Airport 4.0 also has plans to optimise terminal use, increase operational efficiency and grow revenue.


The self-service bag drops come from Swiss-based SITA, a long time partner with Malaysia Airports.

SITA says it is continuing to work with Malaysia Airports with planned proof of concepts exploring single token and touchless journeys,.

Sumesh Patel, President, Asia Pacific, SITA:

“We are delighted to partner again with Malaysia Airports and support the airport in its recovery from COVID-19. Ensuring fluid passenger experiences while balancing operational efficiency is a high priority for airports globally. With this deployment, we’ve delivered on both elements, future-proofing the airport for a touchless journey via enhanced biometric capability while also driving down operational costs and increasing the resilience and agility of IT infrastructure.”

N.B. Image credit: SITA

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