Rio – Sao Paulo air bridge to implement biometric boarding

Full implementation by July 2023

The air bridge between Sao Paulo Congonhas and Rio’s Santos Dumont airports is to fully implement biometric boarding.

The facial recognition system is expected to be fully in place for July 2022 and will be used for passengers and crew.

An agreement has been signed between Infraero (which manages Congonhas and Santos Dumont) and Serpro (a government owned technology company) to introduce the biometric boarding technology. This follows a successful testing period from October 2020 to January 2022.

Like other biometric boarding systems the technology means that passengers do not have to show a boarding pass, passport or other identification documents when accessing the departure lounge and aircraft. 

The system takes a live picture of the passenger and compares that with the biometric details previously supplied by the passenger.

The air bridge between Congonhas and Santos Dumont is the busiest in Brazil and the fifth in the world in terms of flight flow.


Infraero is responsible for acquiring the equipment which has to work with the biometric recognition system developed by Serpro. Equipment suppliers will be chosen later in February and final implementation is scheduled for July 2022.

Brazil’s Digital transformation 

The system is part of Brazil’s Embarque + Seguro 100% Digital program, created and coordinated by the Ministry of Infrastructure (MInfra).

In addition to Serpro and Infraero, it has contributions from the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac), Brazilian airport operators, airlines and information technology companies, suppliers of biometric reading interfaces.

N.B. Image credit: Infraero