aha! Airlines stops flying after just 10 months

No more airline, hotel, adventure to Reno

U.S. regional carrier aha! Airlines has stopped flying after a mere 10 months.

It’s always sad when an airline goes under but its especially so in that case as the airline only started flying in October 2021.

aha! was based in Reno and tried to operate as a leisure carrier across western states of the U.S.

aha! stands for airline, hotel, adventure. The plan was to fly passengers from secondary places like Bakersfield and Fresno in California, and Redmond in Oregon into Reno for a bit of fun and adventure.

The airline operated three 50 seat Embraer ERJ-145s to its 11 destinations.

aha! is/was owned by ExpressJet, who have also gone.

ExpressJet, used to be a big regional carrier with 450 aircraft at its peak. It operated flights as American Eagle, Delta Connection and, most recently, United Express. United even owned a stake in ExpressJet.

ExpressJet Airlines operated as United Express

But in mid 2020 United decided to cut its ties to ExpressJet. That led to the idea and launch of aha!

What about booked passengers?

The airline has no interest in doing anything for its passengers. It’s website tells passengers to contact their credit card company for a refund. And to forget about any help from aha!

This is what its’s website says.

What Aha! Customers Need to Know

Customers should contact their credit card company for a refund on tickets purchased for travel after August 23, 2022.

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with alternative travel arrangements.

As with ticket refunds, ExpressJet Airlines is not making payments for baggage claims (e.g., loss/damage/pilferage). You can pursue a claim in the bankruptcy proceeding.

N.B. Image credit: aha! Airlines / ExpressJet

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