CLEAR biometric ID checks now at Milwaukee Mitchell Airport

New option for passengers to cut the wait at security checkpoints

Passengers flying out of Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport in Wisconsin can now pay to jump to the front of the security check line.

The airport has introduced CLEAR, a subscription service, where passengers verify their identity with their biometrics in a dedicated line. They then go to the front of the physical security checkpoint.

Passengers still have to go through security but using CLEAR means they can save a chunk of time spent waiting in the security line.

It costs quite a bit, but especially for frequent flyers, it can be worth it in the time saving.

How it works

Passengers sign up for CLEAR by registering their fingerprints, iris and government-issued ID. They can do this online or at an enrollment centre at many airports.

At the airport, CLEAR members go to a dedicated CLEAR kiosk (they call it a pod) and scan their boarding pass. The kiosk/pod then verifies the passenger ID by checking their fingerprints or iris with those registered. No passport, driver license or other ID needed.

If all is OK, a CLEAR Ambassador escorts the passenger to the front of the physical security line.

CLEAR can be used with TSA PreCheck for the fastest way through airport security.

CLEAR speeds up the travel document check process, TSA PreCheck speeds up the physical screening process.


The standard price is $192 a year per person. But there are many ways to cut that or even get it for free.

Clear is available only to U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents age 18 and older with valid government ID.

45th CLEAR airport

Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport is the first airport in Wisconsin and 45th across the U.S. to offer CLEAR.

CLEAR already serves 9 of MKE’s top 10 domestic destinations, so members traveling can use CLEAR on both ends of their journey.

Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport Director, Brian Dranzik:

“Our partnership with CLEAR will elevate the customer experience for Milwaukee travelers while showcasing the innovation we continue to cultivate at the airport.

“We’re confident passengers will love the new technology and take advantage of the opportunity to travel faster through the airport.”

N.B. Image credit: CLEAR

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