Marabu makes its first flights

Now flying from Munich to Palma and Canaries

New Estonian headquartered airline Marabu has started commercial flights.

Although it is an Estonian airline, it is a sister airline of Germany’s condor and Marabu’s bases are in Germany – Munich and Hamburg. All routes will be from Germany.

The actual first flight was on 15 April 2023 from Munich to Palma de Mallorca.

Marabu made the flight with an Airbus A320neo, registration ES-MBU.


Marabu plans to fly from Germany to popular holiday destinations along the Mediterranean Sea, Portugal, the Canaries and the Red Sea. It will also fly from Munich and Hamburg to Tallin in Estonia.

Germany – Spain

The airline is already flying daily from Munich to Palma and several times a week from Munich to Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Las Palmas.

Germany – Heraklion

From May, flights will start to Heraklion on Crete from Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Leipzig.

Germany – Tallin

Flights between Munich and Tallin begin on 22 May and flights between Hamburg and Tallin begin on 17 June. No more flights out of Hamburg are scheduled yet.

The flights from Tallin to Munich and Hamburg are the only routes planned out of Estonia.


To start with Marabu has one A320neo. Flight schedules show a second aircraft, an A321-200, will be flying in May.

Estonia’s state-owned flag carrier Nordica is helping Marabu with expertise and three Airbus A320neos.


Marabu is a leisure airline and has just one class – economy.

But, just like many other airlines, it has different fares with economy with different features;

Fares currently for sale are:

  • Economy Light
  • Economy Class
  • Economy Class Flex
  • Business
  • Business Flex

Business fares mean the middle seat is empty and passengers get free meals and booze.

All the Economy fares charge for evening check-in and Economy Light even charges for airport check-in.

All fares except Economy Light include one hand bag and one checked bag.

Sales are handled by

Who owns Marabu?

Attestor, a London-based investment firm, is the majority owner of both Marabu and Condor.

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