JFK T4 to install self-service kiosks and self bag drops

All kiosks and self bag drops will be able to use facial recognition

JFKIAT – the operator of Terminal 4 at JFK Airport – will soon be installing a large number of self-service check-in kiosks and self bag drops.

No dates yet, but the new installation will have 86 self-service check-in kiosks and 42 self bag drops.

Passengers will check-in and print their bag tags at the kiosks, attach the tags to their bags and then take the bags to the self bag drops to be scanned and weighed and then injected into the terminal’s baggage system.

All the kiosks and bag drops will be equipped with biometric function, which once activated, will further simplify the self-service experience by identifying passengers through facial recognition.

All the kiosks and bag drops are biometric-ready. JFKIAT and the individual airlines will likely start asking passengers to agree to using facial recognition at the check in kiosks and bag drops in the quite near future.

This new devices are part of Terminal 4’s $1.5B transformation, which was announced in 2021 and is currently in progress.

Terminal 4 is currently home to 22 international and domestic airlines. JFKIAT is owned by Schiphol USA Inc., a U.S. affiliate of Amsterdam-based airport operator Royal Schiphol Group.


The kiosks and self bag drops are from an Australian company called ICM. They became part of Amadeus, a Spanish-based IT company, in 2019.

About JFKIAT and JFK T4

T4 is the largest terminal at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and the only privately operated terminal in the United States

The operator is JFKIAT, a U.S. affiliate of Amsterdam based Royal Schiphol Group.

Terminal 4 is currently home to over 20 international and domestic airlines:

SkyTeam members – Aeromexico, Air Europa, China Airlines, Delta, Kenya Airways, KLM, Xiamen Air

Others – Air India, Avianca, Caribbean, China Southern, Copa, El Al, Emirates, Etihad, Hainan, Hawaiian, jetBlue, Kuwait, LATAM, Singapore Airlines, Uzbekistan, Virgin Atlantic, WestJet

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