Schiphol takes flight with Apple Watch App

Wrist-ready flight info for a smoother airport experience

Schiphol Airport now lets passengers keep tabs on their flight directly from their Apple Watch.

The app allows passengers to access the latest information about their flight on their Apple wristwatch.

This includes departure and arrival times, the departure hall and gate they need to go to, and the up-to-date status of their flight – all with a glance at their wrist.

Real-time updates

Passengers can just glance at their wrist for accurate departure and arrival times, gate locations, and flight status.

The watch does all that a mobile app does. The main benefit of the watch over a phone is that it’s on the passenger’s wrist not in an adult’s pocket – it’s certainly in the hands of a teen.

Is the Apple Watch a success at airports?

Apple Watch at airports has been around for almost a decade.

KLM launched an Android smartwatch app in 2015.

KLM Android smartphone app 2015

KLM Android smartphone app was introduced in 2015 [Image: KLM] has reported many stories about Apple Watch with airports or airlines, including:

They and others were in 2015. At that time it seemed like the Apple Watch at the airport had taken off – but as far as I have seen it has never arrived.

I’ve never seen anyone use a watch as a boarding pass.

Schiphol digital channels

Over the past months, Schiphol has been investing in the development of its digital channels. More than 1.6 million passengers have downloaded the Schiphol app onto their iPhone or Android device this year.

With over 30% of iPhone users at Schiphol sporting an Apple Watch, this app is a natural development.

More about Schiphol

David de Vries, Product Owner Schiphol App:

“In the past year, we have installed thousands of motion sensors in the ceiling in the departure and arrival halls. By applying self-learning algorithms, we are getting better and better at predicting crowds and waiting times. Our ambition is to make the entire journey, from home to holiday destination and back again, transparent and predictable.”


The first version of the Schiphol Watch app is now available for download in the iOS App Store.

As soon as passengers have downloaded the Schiphol app (or have already downloaded it), the app will automatically appear on their Apple Watch.

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