Self scan boarding passes introduced at Riga

Riga International can now check that passengers enter the correct security area for the correct flight and date.

eGates for self scan boarding passes have been introduced at Riga Riga International Airport (RIX). These scan the boarding pass to check that the passenger is entering the correct security area for the correct flight and date.

The eGates are based on the vb i-match® ABC eGate from the Portuguese company Vision-Box, an industry leader in automated border control e-gates and electronic identity solutions.

Self scan boarding passes introduced at Riga

The eGates are able to validate both a printed boarding pass and a boarding pass displayed on a mobile device. They are connected to the Flight Information Systems (FIS) to check the details in the bar code with the information in airport systems.

Self-service is continually improving the passenger experience. eGates are now used in several parts of the journey including self-boarding and border control. Another important area is 2D Bar code scanning e-gates to verify boarding passes. This ensures that the passenger has a valid boarding pass for a valid flight.  Not all airports make this most basic check.

Unlike other parts of the journey (e.g. self-boarding) there is currently no simple tag for this process. IATA calls it 2D Bar code Scanning and comes under the general heading of Pre-Screening.

Riga, the capital of Latvia, has the largest airport in the Baltic states and is directly connected to over 80 destinations in 30 countries. In 2011, the airport served 5,106,893 passengers, a 9% increase over 2010.

The vb i-match from Vision-Box is an automated border control eGate fully supporting multimodal biometrics (iris, fingerprint and facial recognition). Vision-Box has automated border control eGates at more than 30 international airports  Amsterdam, Lisbon, Faro, Oporto, Bristol and Helsinki.

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