MIA plans biometric boarding at all gates in 2023

Airport plans most biometric checks in the U.S.

Anyone who has ever travelled to or from Miami knows that the airport is quite large.

It has a huge number of flights from all across the world.

Just imagine the number and type of passengers and nationalities there everyday.

The airport is always working to handle that load and deliver a positive passenger experience.

MIA has always lead the way in technology and it is doing so again by introducing biometric boarding from all passenger gates.

Over the next year or so, Miami International Airport will introduce biometric boarding for all passengers at all international gates.

MIA expects to complete the installation in 2023. When finished, it will be the largest implementation of biometric tracking at any U.S. airport. 

How it works

At the egate, the passenger looks at a high definition camer that compares their live biometrics with those stored.

Checks are made with authorities to confirm the passenger can leave.

For almost all passengers, it is a simple process.

Airline and airports say biometric boarding speeds up the process. It means passengers don’t have to show a physical boarding pass.

MIA’s launch of biometric boarding follows its airport-wide expansion in 2020 of Simplified Arrival, CBP’s enhanced process for international arrivals.

That checks the facial biometrics of arriving passengers into the U.S.


The biometric egates will come from SITA, a long time partner with MIA.

In 2019, MIA worked with SITA and CBP to trial biometric boarding.

In 2015, MIA signed with SITA for a total of 80 ABC (automated border control) egates for use at passport control.

SITA partners with NEC for the biometric system.

N.B. Image credit: Miami Airport

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