Digital signage grows at New York and Newark

JCDEcaux has unveiled the largest digital advertising sign at JFK Terminal 8.

Digital signage is a growing trend at airports. It can be used to give passengers useful information to replace the outdated Flight Information Displays (FIDS), give directions through complex terminals and various other helpful information.

We suspect they will increasingly be used to encourage shopping.

JCDEcaux has both unveiled the largest digital advertising sign at John F. Kennedy International Airport, Terminal 8, AND announced the rollout of its Prestige Digital Network of 70″ high definition screens at Newark Liberty International Airport.

The digital spectacular at JFK is 50’ long and delivers outstanding HD image quality with a 688,000 pixel format. Located in the central area of the terminal, this digital spectacular can be seen by 100% of departing passengers.

Terminal 8 is the domestic and international hub for American Airlines. Nine million passengers traveled through the terminal in 2012 making it one of the largest terminal buildings in the US.

JFK gets largest digital sign
JFK gets largest digital sign


The network at Newark, comprised of 36 HD screens located throughout the main gate areas, will be installed during the month of June and ready to catch the busy summer traveling season. Newark is the fourth largest international airport in the U.S., with 34 million passengers in 2012.

“In addition to our existing network of 70″ HD digital screens at JFK, the deployment of large iconic digital displays provides advertisers a new, dynamic and engaging way to reach millions of airport travelers,” sys Jean-Luc Decaux, JCDecaux’s co-chief executive officer. “Following the extension last year to 2020 of our advertising concession for the three New York airports, these new installations reinforce JCDecaux’s leadership position in terms of state-of-the-art digital advertising programs in key US airports.”