American Airlines Selects Sabre Reservations System

Merged AA and US airlines to use Sabre.
American chooses Sabre as reservations system
American chooses Sabre as reservations system

Migration to a single passenger services system to mark key milestone in providing a seamless customer and employee experience.

American Airlines Group has reached an agreement with Sabre for the newly combined airline’s single reservation system.

“The migration to one reservation platform in partnership with Sabre is a critical milestone in the merger integration process, and lays the groundwork for customers and employees alike to have a seamless experience throughout the travel journey,” said Maya Leibman, chief information officer – American Airlines.

Sabre Airline Solutions president Hugh Jones said he is pleased to broaden Sabre’s long-standing technology relationship with American Airlines. “American Airlines has laid out an exciting vision for transforming the airline passenger experience and we’ll be working closely with them over the coming months to bring this to life using our data-rich, flexible technology solutions,” said Jones. “We’ve got a team of technology and delivery experts working on the migration plan to ensure the new airline reservations system delivers a truly personalized travel experience across the entire journey.”

Kerry Philipovitch, senior vice president of customer experience at American, added, “A single passenger services system will allow us to empower all employees to deliver information faster and with greater consistency across all touch points – and ultimately pave the way for new innovations in how we deliver customer service in the years to come.”

Because Sabre is the platform currently being used at American Airlines, it should minimize disruption for the maximum number of people and systems by bolstering employee readiness, speeding up implementation and improving customer responsiveness throughout the integration.

The airline’s reservation system is foundational to the entire customer travel experience, including:

  • Flight schedules – customers and employees rely on the system to identify available flights that meet their travel needs;
  • Preparing to fly – the system delivers flight status and gate location information as well as the customer check-in and boarding processes; and
  • Checking / retrieving luggage – airport employees use the airline’s reservation system to match baggage with destinations for improved efficiency and enhanced customer service.

The process for American and Sabre to complete the system integration is expected to take up to two years.

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