Thai inflight connectivity on A330 and A380

WiFi is available on THAI’s six Airbus A380-800 aircraft.

Thai Airways International (TG) announced the introduction of THAI Sky Connect service for wireless internet connection (WiFi) on board THAI’s Airbus A330-300 and A380-800 aircraft.

Thai Sky Connect inflight connectivity from OnAir
Thai Sky Connect inflight connectivity from OnAir

Mr. Chokchai Panyayong, THAI Senior Executive Vice President of Commercial, and Acting President, said, “THAI is pleased to introduce THAI Sky Connect, an in-flight WiFi product and service that adds to passenger convenience on board flights operated with Airbus A330-300 and A380-800 aircraft in all classes of service.

“In the era of digital media, online technology is very popular and essential to everyday life, even during the time spent on board an airplane. With THAI Sky Connect, passengers are able to remain connected to the internet without missing important communication.

“Passengers are able to connect to the internet with a laptop, tablet, or smartphone and use various applications on the internet, such as Virtual Private Network (VPN), e-mail access, instant messaging, and web browsers. Through a credit card or debit card, passengers have options in selecting their WiFi package.”

THAI received the WiFi license from the Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) on 7 January, 2014 and began the THAI Sky Connect service on 14 February, 2014.

WiFi internet connectivity is available on THAI’s six Airbus A380-800 aircraft and THAI’s seven Airbus A330-300 aircraft.  It works exactly as a Wi-Fi hotspot on the ground.

OnAir provides internet connectivity for THAI Sky Connect in each THAI aircraft, whereby the internet signal is transmitted via satellite through a ground network.

OnAir collects the WiFi internet package fees from passengers by credit card payment and has a customer relations service for passengers to contact for customer inquiries.

Prices for WiFi Packages:
Smart Phone Package 3 MB = USD 4.50
10 MB = USD 14.50
Laptop/iPad Package 10 MB = USD 14.50
20 MB = USD 28.50

OnAir inflight connectivity

THAI is one of three airlines currently operating OnAir connectivity on the A380; all three also use Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband satellite network. Internet OnAir and Mobile OnAir are the only connectivity products currently flying on more than 50 A380s every day.

OnAir has regulatory authorizations from over 100 countries, more than any other inflight connectivity service provider. Combined with its roaming agreements with over 350 mobile network operators, OnAir provides consistent coverage on all the major routes across the world.

 “OnAir has a very strong track record in obtaining regulatory approvals – it is one of the key areas in which we stand apart from other providers,” said Ian Dawkins, CEO of OnAir. “We are firmly committed to delivering consistent coverage so passengers can be connected with their family, friends and colleagues throughout the flight, wherever they are in the world.”

THAI is the 21st airline to operate OnAir connectivity and the seventh in Asia. Internet OnAir and Mobile OnAir are widely available across the world and are used by over four and a half million passengers each year.