Lufthansa offers free messaging and cheaper Wi-Fi

Streaming and surfing becomes significantly cheaper

Passengers on Lufthansa’s flights within Europe will soon be able to enjoy free messaging inflight.

Starting on 15 January 2024, Lufthansa is offering unlimited free messaging on its short- and medium-haul flights.

Lufthansa is introducing the new free service on A320 family aircraft with Wi-Fi. That’s the entire narrow body fleet, which currently amounts to 194 planes.

No limit on usage either. Passengers will be able to send and receive as many messages as they like, including photos, on their own smartphone or tablet during the flight.

To use the messaging service, passengers log into FlyNet with a Miles & More service card number or with an e-mail address registered with the Lufthansa Group Travel ID.

FlyNet is the inflight Wi-Fi service provided by Lufthansa, while Miles & More is the frequent flyer program offered by the airline.

Passengers who are not Miles & More members can get a login or registration during the flight.

Cheaper W-Fi as well

Lufthansa is also reducing the price of all other Internet packages on board, such as streaming.

The airline says it is cutting those prices by almost 50 per cent, also from mid-January. 

It hasn’t published prices yet but current prices for streaming are:

  • Flight duration under 90 minutes – 10 EUR or 3,300 miles
  • Flight duration over 90 minutes – 12 EUR or 4,000 miles

Heiko Reitz, CCO Lufthansa Airlines:

“Lufthansa is investing around two billion euros in product and service improvements. In the process, we have implemented and planned many large, medium, and also smaller initiatives that make travelling with Lufthansa an even better experience,

“One great example is Free Messaging. I am pleased that our guests will in future be able to stay in touch with their relatives or business partners above the clouds – free of charge.” 

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