Vueling announces app for Apple Watch

Vueling strategy is to use technology to make the trip easier and more efficient for the passenger

Vueling is the latest airline to announce an app for the Apple Watch.

The new application for Apple Watch will be available for downloading free on 24th April, coinciding with the launch Apple’s smart watch inEurope, when Vueling passengers can view vital information without having to take their cell phones from their purses or pockets.

Vueling announces app for Apple Watch

The Spanish airline has developed a native application for the ‘smart’ Apple Watch,using innovative geo-localisation technology known as “Geofencing” to locate the passenger within the airport.

The application’s ‘Watchapp’ feature shows all the user’s reservations for the coming days, while the ‘Glance’ feature supplies real-time data about the current day’s flight or flights (flight number, seat, route, terminal, scheduled departure time, gate, seat, and flight status). The app is also used to by Vueling to notify the passenger of any last-minute changes.

Vueling’s strategy is to use technology to make travel easier and more efficient for the passenger.

Marion Bauer,Vueling’s chief of E&M Commerce:

“one of the most interesting aspects of this new app is the it enables us to create the contextualised and personalised proposals that a passenger may need at any time during the trip”.

Like the Vueling app for smart phones, the smart watch app will be available in Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian, French, German, and Dutch versions.

In 2009 Vueling became the first airline to supply an intuitive smart phone app for booking air tickets.  Some two million passengers have downloaded it and it is used about 1.5 times each month.

Other pioneering innovations by Vueling include:

  • the world’s first ‘wearable’ boarding pass, which can be loaded in the Sony Smartwatch 2 de Sony
  • the ‘Flight Status Manager’, with real-time data about takeoffs and landings of Vueling flights
  • the contactless payment system using Scanning and NFC technology

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