Air Canada passengers can track bags if flying within Canada

Air Canada passengers can now track their bags when flying within Canada.

The airline has added a new feature to its mobile app that enables passengers to track their bags in real-time throughout their trip.

Air Canada mobile app passengers will be able to track the progress of their checked items at five key points from check-in, through the airport handling processes, onto the aircraft and through connections and arrival.

The airline says the new tracking feature is designed to provide passengers with confidence as the app uses the same tag scanning information that Air Canada employees use.

Within Canada, the airline scans passenger bags at five points along the trip:

  • the baggage makeup area
  • the transfer point
  • before loaded onto the aircraft
  • after loaded onto the aircraft
  • when they’re returned to passengers at baggage claim

Air Canada says this helps them know the whereabouts of checked baggage at all times.

Passengers will be able to see the tracking on each of the process points, from when the bag is accepted, to when it is delivered or returned.

This includes a “What’s Next” box that shows which stage the baggage is headed into, as well as information on where to pick up the bag, like a carousel number.

Beneath this is a log of the baggage’s travel history, including when and where it hit each of the five checkpoints.

At the moment the feature is only available to passengers flying within Canada. But the airline expects to expand it to the airline’s U.S. flights next year and, over time, select international destinations.

Delayed bags

The app informs passengers if their bags are delayed and can help them file the dreaded report from their phone.

The app sends passengers a confirmation that the report was received with a file number and a link to follow up on any updates.

Paassengers can arrange delivery if the bag turns up – which is usually does.

Tom Stevens, Vice President, Customer Experience and Operations Strategy at Air Canada:

“At Air Canada, we know that apart from a safe, comfortable journey, the prompt delivery of baggage and mobility aids is a top priority for our customers.

“We already achieve a very high reliability rate, but to further elevate our service we are introducing a new tracking feature in the Air Canada mobile app to give customers real-time information, greater certainty about the movement of their belongings during their trip, and heightened convenience.”

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