No 3rd runway flashmob at Heathrow

Campaing groups flashmobbed Heathrow Terminal 2.

Campaigners against a third Heathrow runways staged a flashmob in Heathrow’s Terminal 2 on Saturday.

About 60 people, standing in front of the giant sculpture in the new terminal, revealed red t-shirts with the words ‘No 3rd Runway’.

The campaigners chanted “No ifs, no buts, no third runway!”, the famous promise UK Prime Minister made in Richmond in 2009.

The campaign groups wanted to show yet again that huge numbers of people in West London would be severely affected by a range of unacceptable problems that a third runway will cause, including:

  • noise pollution worse than any other European airport
  • air pollution, Heathrow already breaks EU pollution laws
  • 50% increase in flights numbers compared with now
  • massive road congestion
  • potential huge cost to UK taxpayer

Groups showing their support for the cause included: HACAN, Plane Stupid, Chiswick Against the Third Runway, Communities Against Increased Aircraft Noise (CAIAN), west London Friends of the Earth and residents from all boroughs surrounding the aiport.

There is huge political and public opposition to a third Heathrow runway.

Opponents include London Mayor Boris Johnson, the next London Mayor (Zac Goldsmith or Sadiq Khan), the London Assembly, every West London MP and almost all West London councils. The leader of the UK opposition recently declared his stand against Heathrow.

The UK Government has said it will make a decision about a new runway in south east England by the end of 2015.

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