Istanbul Atatürk added to Google Street View

First airport in Turkey on Google Street View.

Istanbul Atatürk Airport is now accessible in the virtual world by Google Street View.

The Google Street View application displays a panoramic 360 degree map drawn using thousands of photographs taken at the terminals.

Istanbul Atatürk Airport is the first airport from Turkey to be added to the platform, which includes more than 50 subways, bus stations and 16 airports worldwide.

How it works

The application can be accessed by simply visiting Google Maps online and writing “Istanbul Atatürk Airport” in the search box.

When the page opens, passengers see a yellow human figure that will assist them.

If this yellow sign is dragged onto the map some areas turn blue.

These areas are the ones available on the Street View.

Passengers can begin exploring by dragging the yellow figure to the area they would like to view more closely.

Turkish Airlines and Istanbul Atatürk Airport (IST)

Turkey has been experiencing huge growth over the last two decades. So naturally Istanbul Ataturk has grown with the overall country growth.

Turkish Airlines has grown well beyond the rate of the country and is now one of the largest and most dynamic airlines in the world.

Turkish Airlines and Istanbul Ataturk have positioned themselves as a hub, between east west and east and south.

A strategy similar to the Middle East carriers and states.

John Ball, Director of Strategy at PassengerSelfService:

The talent and attitude of Turkish people is superb.

I lived in Istanbul for about 18 months as part of a very small team from British Airways helping Turkish Airlines modernise and upgrade their IT systems.

I installed and customised the British Airways RTZ system for Turkish Airlines and trained their technical and end user staff.

The switch from the Turkish Airlines old systems to the new ones was a model of a global implementation and was achieved in less than one day.

The overall process clearly shows how excellent the people are at Turkish Airlines and Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

Turkish Airlines and Istanbul Atatürk Airport are now growing strongly from these excellent bases.

TAV Airports President & CEO Sani Şener stated:

“TAV Airports is planning to expand this free application, which will enable passengers to plan their journeys more efficiently by obtaining detailed information on the airport as well as the other airports TAV operates.”

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