British Airways 747 emergency landing over London

A British Airways 747 flew over central London after declaring an emergency

A British Airways 747 flew over central London after declaring an emergency.

The 747 was about two hours into its flight from Heathrow to Chicago and was flying over Iceland when it discovered a problem.

The aircraft flew back to Heathrow, flying near to other airports in Iceland and then Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Stansted, Luton and many other airports, before flying over Europe’s most congested city.

The plane was met by fire engines and the experience described as “quite scary” by one passenger.

The aircraft was so badly damaged that it had to stay on one of Heathrow’s active runways for about an hour before it was safe for the plane to be towed away.

This meant that the runway was out of use and led to delays on departure and arrivals.

British Airways has not issued a statement about the incident.

This is the second incident in a week that a large wide body aircraft declared an emergency over Iceland but returned to Heathrow and flew over central and west London before landing at Heathrow.

West London residents are already worried by the current activity at Heathrow and it will only be increased with  third runway.

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