JetBlue to upgrade A320 cabins

Redesign of interiors on its A320 fleet

JetBlue is rolling out new seats and improved inflight entertainment and connectivity.

The restyled cabin will have a greater focus on connectivity, comfort, and space. This marks JetBlue’s first complete redesign of the interiors on its A320 fleet since it launched in 2000.

A major focus of the new cabin will be keeping passengers connected throughout their flight, including free gate-to-gate Fly-Fi high-speed Internet, a new internet-enabled inflight entertainment system, high-definition seatback televisions, and in-seat power outlets with USB ports.

On its fleet of 130 A320 aircraft, JetBlue will become the first US domestic airline to launch an inflight entertainment system that connects seatback television to the aircraft’s Wi-Fi internet connection.

Next Generation TV

Thales has been selected by JetBlue to upgrade the current and future A320 fleet with its next generation in-seat television solution called STV+.

The complete STV+ solution uses a new ultra lightweight, seat-centric design featuring live and integrated video content and broadband connectivity.

STV+ is an Android-based, high definition touch screen experience which includes a selection of over 100 channels of live TV, Audio-and-Video-on-Demand (AVOD) and real-time connected applicationsSTV+ will provide unlimited possibilities for custom app and widget development, live content streaming, audio-and-video-on-demand, and personal device pairing to offer more entertainment options than ever.


In addition to streaming content, JetBlue will expand the number of DirecTV® television channels offered from 36 to more than 100, and will have the capability to offer a library of over 300 on-demand Hollywood films and other content stored locally on the aircraft.

The experience will be delivered on a new 10-inch, high-definition touch screen at every seat – almost double the size of the screens today.

Free wireless high-speed internet

JetBlue will also enable gate-to-gate access to Fly-Fi – the airline’s free wireless high-speed internet service powered by Thales and ViaSat. Fly-Fi delivers high quality streaming internet with 12 to 20 Mbps to each connected device. With gate-to-gate connectivity, passengers will be able to use high-speed internet on their personal devices during takeoff and landing.

Key features of A320 seats

The A320 cabin will closely follow JetBlue’s A321 cabin design, introduced in 2014. Key features include:

  • Sleek ergonomic B/E Aerospace Pinnacle® seats, great for long-haul or short-haul travel, which offer better comfort though its patented comfort suspension system
  • Moveable headrests that slide up, down and wrap around
  • LED cabin lighting and a modern interior color palette that makes the cabin experience more stylish and more comfortable
  • AC power outlets with USB ports for every seat


The A320 restyling will begin in early 2017 with completion targeted for 2019.

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