Ryanair new 737s to have Boeing Sky interiors

New cabins will have blue seats - not yellow!

Ryanair new 737-800s will be delivered with Boeing Sky interiors and a new colour scheme.

Finally Ryanair is doing away with its rather bright yellow seating inside its cabins.

The airline has tweeted a picture of what its cabins will look like for new deliveries of 737-800 aircraft from this month.

The seats in the new aircraft will be a new slimline style meaning more legroom and they will be coloured in a stylish blue with a touch of the traditional yellow.

The new colour scheme has been greeted positively on social media.

Ryanair will also introduce new uniforms for staff and a new in-flight menu.

Passengers should enjoy Ryanair’s bright yellow cabins while they can.

Boeing 737 Configuration Studio

Boeing 737 customers can choose their aircraft  interiors at the 737 Configuration Studio in Renton, Washington where the 737s are produced.

The 737 Configuration Studio provides a private and welcoming showroom environment to assist Next-Generation 737 and 737 MAX customers with the design and configuration of new airplane interiors.

The Boeing 737 Sky Interior features larger stowage bins for more headroom around the aisle seats and a greater sense of space.

Airlines can select different lighting schemes that range from a soft blue overhead sky simulation to a pallet of sunset colours.

LEDs replace incandescent signage, attendant and halogen reading lights.

N.B. Image credit: twitter.com/ryanair

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Boeing 737 Configuration Studio