Lufthansa tests iBeacons to sell lounge access

Part of the SMILE program

Lufthansa has tested location-based services at Munich to offer entry into its Business Lounge.

Lufthansa plans to notify passengers about offers and services relevant to their current location. For it to work, passengers have to use the Lufthansa app on their smartphone and enable the location-based services.

In the test phase, passengers in Munich received an offer for entry into the Business Lounge for 25 euros.

A personalised push message is sent to the passenger located in the vicinity of a lounge, if they don’t yet have automatic lounge access through customer status or booking class.

The offer is only made “if the lounge had spare occupancy” to avoid upsetting passengers who had tier status or who had bought a premium ticket.”

It works via iBeacons, installed at relevant points in the terminal.

An extension of location-based services into other airports is also planned in the coming months.

The SMILE program

AS new technologies and social media are increasingly changing passengers’ expectation, Lufthansa launched the SMILE (Surpass My Individual Lufthansa Experience) program.

The aim is to ensure that an offer is only presented to passengers who could be interested in it.

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