Pro-Heathrow expansion ad is misleading

False claims that 'community supports expansion'

An advert by a group funded by Heathrow has been banned by the UK Advertising Standards Authority for misleading claims.

The advert was run by Back Heathrow which is a lobby group funded through Heathrow with the aim of pushing for the 3rd runway. The advert made the claim without data to back it up.

Back Heathrow ran a regional press ad headlined “Rallying for the runway” which included the line “Don’t believe the hype. Most people living in communities near Heathrow Airport support its expansion.”

The Advertising Standards Authority decided the claim was misleading.

The ad must not appear again in its current form, and “Back Heathrow” must not repeat these claims ” unless it held robust substantiation for them.”

This is a blow to “Back Heathrow,” the strategy of which has been to try to convince decision-makers that a majority of local people back a 3rd runway.  That claim looks flimsy. 

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