Turkish Airlines selects SKYFE for IFE

Will be installed on 44 narrow body aircraft

Turkish Airlines has announced it will be flying the SKYFE wireless IFE system on 44 aircraft in its narrow-body fleet.

The system was jointly developed by Havelsan and Turkish Technic, and will feature two IFE products:

  • SKYFE‐W, a Wireless Inflight Entertainment System,
  • SKYFE‐T, a Tablet Based Inflight Entertainment System

The SKYFE‐W system allows passengers to download applications from platforms such as Google Play and Apple Store to their own personal electronic devices (tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc) during preflight and to access the onboard wireless entertainment system, which provides audio and video on demand, flight maps, electronic publications, surveys and other services during flight.

The SKYFE‐T system is suited to flights where an IFE system is not available, providing an entertainment service to business class passengers by providing high-resolution tablets preloaded with films, music, magazines, documentaries, surveys etc.

When used on aircraft with the SKYFE‐W, the SKYFE‐T system will automatically connect to the existing onboard server to access up to 1.8 TB of media content as well as accessing maps and flight information (height, speed exterior temperature, etc).

The new IFE system requires minimum structural modification to the aircraft and is installed very quickly.

The announcement follows a tendering process with eight companies.

N.B. Image credit: turkishairlines.com

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