Helsinki Airport trials new body scanner

Passenger can see image displayed to security officer

Finavia has started a pilot project aimed at improving passengers’ security control experience and accelerating the pre-departure process at Helsinki Airport.

A new security scanner has been set up at the security control point on the second floor of Terminal 2. This device replaces manual body checks.

Passengers only need to go through the security scanner if they trigger an alert at the metal detector gate. Specially trained security officers will then guide the passenger to the scanner.

The scanner generates an image showing the part that triggered the alarm, and only this part is checked manually by the security officer. Passing through the scanner does not require any special measures from the passenger.

No data or image files of passengers are saved; the scanner automatically deletes all data at the end of the security check event.

The passenger can see the image displayed to the security officer during the scan. Anyone who has passed through other versions of body scanners will surely appreciate this feature.

Passengers see what the security staff see
Passengers see what the security staff see

The security scanner uses low-frequency millimetric waves that pass through clothing but not through skin. This technology does not harm people in any way, and it is also safe for passengers who are pregnant or use a pacemaker. The device is ECAC approved.

N.B. Image credit: Finavia

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