Jet Airways introduces in-flight wireless streaming

Available on five Boeing 737 next-generation aircraft.

Jet Airways has introduced launched an in-flight entertainment service that allows passengers to stream over 225 hours of digital content on smartphones, tablets or laptops for free.

Plans for the service, called JetScreen, were first announced in February 2016.

Jet Airways passengers can now stream a wide variety of video and audio content directly on their own devices such mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

JetScreen will now be available on domestic flights. Over 225 hours of video and audio content such as leading Hollywood and Indian movies, TV shorts, music from multiple genres, interactive games, as well as special children’s programmes can now be enjoyed by Jet Airways’ guests directly on their mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Jet Airways’ plans to eventually transform its inflight entertainment experience into a fully-fledged, broadband-enabled Wi Fi connectivity once Indian regulatory approval is given.

JetScreen has been introduced on five Boeing 737 next-generation aircraft in the Jet Airways fleet that operate on key domestic and international routes. In the coming months, it will be rolled out in a phased manner on the entire Jet Airways Boeing 737 fleet.

Gaurang Shetty, Whole-time Director, Jet Airways:

“Inflight entertainment is a key element of Jet Airways’ full-service experience. Our selection of the best entertainment content across genres is aimed at enriching the inflight experience of our guests. Streaming of content on personal devices has become extremely popular globally, and we are confident that this initiative, will appeal to all our guests especially the millennials who prefer to access content on the move.”

Jet Airways developed the new system in collaboration with Global Eagle Entertainment.

How it works

In order to access the onboard entertainment, passengers will need to download the ‘Airtime Player’ application, available for free in all major App stores, on their Wi-Fi enabled personal devices.

Once the application is successfully installed, passengers switch their devices to ‘Airplane Mode’ and select ‘JetScreen’ as their wireless network of choice.

Once connected, launching the web browser enables access to the Inflight Entertainment Portal.

The adaptive video streaming technology ensures that the best possible video quality is optimised and played automatically according to the device being used.

In addition, passengers will also be able to experience a highly immersive 3D flight tracker, and access a wide range of destination-related information right at their fingertips.

About Jet Airways

Jet Airways is the second largest carrier in India. It is based in Mumbai.

Routes: Jet Airways operates flights to 68 destinations, including India and overseas. The domestic network covers the 48 destinations. Beyond India, Jet Airways operates flights to 20 destinations in South East Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America, including Bangkok, Hong Kong, Dubai, Jeddah, Amsterdam, London, Paris and Toronto.

See full network at Jet Airways Destinations.

Fleet: The Jet Airways Group currently operates a fleet of 117 aircraft, comprising

  • 12 Airbus A330 ( -200 and -300)
  • 18 ATR 72 ( -500 and -600)
  • 76 Boeing 737 ( -700, -800, -900 and -900ER
  • 10 Boeing 777 (-300ER)

See full fleet information at Jet Airways Fleet Information.

Numbers: Over 19 million.

Alliance: Etihad Airways Strategic Alliance

N.B. Image credit: Jet Airways

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