Qatar Airways enhances its mobile app

Passengers can track baggage through push notifications

Qatar Airways has rolled out innovative features to its mobile functionality, resulting in greater information available to the passenger during and after the journey.

The enhancements include offering up to 12 languages on the mobile web site.

All phases of the journey have been improved on the mobile platform, from search and buy to managing the booking, including changing flights and paying for extra baggage.

Recent improvements include push notifications for advising passenger of online check in availability, flight open for boarding, and even a gate change notification for Doha flight departures.

Passengers checking in baggage will now receive push notifications advising them of the baggage tag numbers, the time of baggage arriving at the carousel in Doha, and the carousel number for arrivals at Doha and many other airports. For those bags that are routed incorrectly, passengers will now receive push notifications telling them where their bag is.

Another important functionality introduced in the mobile app is “My Trips,” providing passengers a convenient means of seeing journey details such as a time line view, gate information, boarding time, bag tag information and an interactive virtual tour of the aircraft.

Srinivasan A. T., Chief Information Officer at Qatar Airways:

“Qatar Airways knows our passengers want to harness the power of technology to make the travel experience better, and we continually improve our online and app experience to ensure our customers find what they are looking for, transact what they prefer, and get the information they need – proactively, where possible – in order to be of the greatest service to them. Over the course of 2016, we made dozens of enhancements to our mobile offering, from adding payment options to adding 12 languages, all in the sincere desire to create the most convenience for the most people.”

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