Qatar Airways uses VR to show cabin interiors

Viewings are by a VR cabin crew called Sama

Qatar Airways has entered the metaverse by launching QVerse, a novel virtual reality (VR) experience for visitors to the airline’s website.

Passengers and others can virtually tour and navigate a number of the airline’s facilities, including:

  • the Premium Check-in area at Hamad International Airport (HIA)
  • the cabin interior of the airline’s aircraft, including Business Class – Qsuite, and the Economy Class cabin

A VR cabin crew called Sama conducts. Apparently she is the industry’s first-ever VR cabin crew!

This digitally-created high-fidelity 3D human model shows passengers the features of Qatar Airways cabin classes.

‘Sama’ – whose name is of Arabic origin and translates to ‘sky’ – takes passengers on a virtual journey of discovery, while presenting the unique features in both Business and Economy cabins.

This is a fine idea to show passengers what the cabins are like before they book.

Will it make a difference? Maybe. Will Sama show the reality of a full Economy Class with the all important leg room? If that still looks good then Sama is a winner.


Sama and the VR thing was developed using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, a real-time 3D creation tool, and MetaHuman Creator, a cloud-based app for creating high-fidelity digital humans.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker:

“With physical boundaries beginning to be challenged by the metaverse on an increasingly larger scale, it is exciting to embrace a technology that enables all travel enthusiasts to enjoy a unique immersive experience of our award-winning products and services.

“Our status as the first airline to introduce a MetaHuman cabin crew is testament to our unwavering desire to innovate and delight our customers. We are constantly looking forward to adopting and introducing novel technologies that enhance our passengers’ complete journey.”

N.B. Image credit: Qatar Airways

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