ABC eGates implemented at Princess Juliana in Sint Maarten

Another step on self-service journey at SXM

Sint Maarten’s Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) has successfully implemented ABC eGates for departing passengers.

The ABC eGates offer a fast exit control process for departing passengers, taking only a few seconds to complete each transaction. At the eGates, passengers authenticate their passport and have a photo taken, to be matched to the one stored on the passport’s chip. Upon successful authentication, the passenger proceeds to security screening.

To help passengers use the new system, SXM has appointed ambassadors, who help eligible passengers to use the ABC eGates.The process is monitored by an Immigration officer who oversees all e-Gates from a separate booth.

The solution means that Immigration can process upwards of six passengers in the same time it would take one passenger to be cleared through traditional exit control.

Carl John, Police Chief Commissioner:

“Our main goal is to introduce an integrated passenger experience programme that seamlessly streamlines the identification, verification, validation and enrolment processes in such a way that it positively enhances passenger flow, while maintaining the highest level of security for travellers.”

This is the second completed milestone of a comprehensive self-service program that SXM has planned across the whole airport, covering both arrivals and departures.

In October 2016, SXM implemented six self-service security checkpoint eGates.

The ABC eGates are from Portuguese company Vision-Box.

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