Free Wi-Fi and Information Monitors on apron buses at FRA

System gives arriving passengers precisely tailored information

Passengers landing at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) are now supplied with up-to-the-minute information related to their arrival, the airport or their onward journey while riding the bus to the terminal building.

To enable this, quite a few apron buses have been equipped with monitor screens and an infotainment system that gives arriving passengers precisely tailored information on the assigned baggage claim, connecting flights and the local weather, supplemented by general tips on the many services available at FRA.

Passengers can now also start taking advantage of the airport’s free Wi-Fi while in the bus, a service that until recently was only available in the terminals. This includes the ability to quickly download the free Frankfurt Airport App to their smartphones.

Departing passengers can also enjoy customized information while riding buses to their planes: for example, a weather forecast for their destination and other valuable facts and pointers.

Martina Pfeffer, who is in charge of Terminal Management at Frankfurt Airport:

“In the future, we’re going to display even more tailored live information in the buses serving each flight. This will let passengers use the time to get their bearings and inform themselves―also, and especially, if they don’t have a smartphone at hand.”

N.B. Image credit: Frankfurt Airport

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