Try new video glasses in Lufthansa’s Frankfurt Business Lounge

The glasses provide a cinema feeling in an armchair,

From 23 February to 3 March 2017, Lufthansa passengers using the Business Lounge at Frankfurt Terminal 1 can try out the innovative Avegant Glyph video glasses.

The glasses provide a cinema feeling whilst sitting in an armchair, and make the effects of digitisation tangible

The video glasses, which at first glance look like headphones, can be used anywhere: at home on the sofa, or travelling on a plane. Video content from smartphones, laptops or game consoles is reproduced using a micro-HDMI connection.

Thanks to the separate audio input, the user can also use the Avegant Glyph as classic headphones for music or to listen to an audiobook.

In the Lufthansa Business Lounge there are ten pairs of glasses with a choice of six videos available. The film selection ranges from relaxation above the clouds to the profile of a surfing flight attendant and the new long-distance A350 aircraft.

In January 2017, the video glasses were chosen as the Innovation Award Honoree in Las Vegas at the CES technology tradeshow.

The special feature of the Glyph is the projection directly on the retina, which is more pleasant for the wearer compared to a screen. LEDs project the video signal onto two fields which each have two million tiny microscopic mirrors. Lenses focus the light reflection and cast them on the viewer’s retinas.

Wearers of the glasses can adjust the image (+1 to -7 dioptres) to suit them, and interchangeable nose bridges ensure optimum wearing comfort.

The Avegant Glyph does not cover the wearer’s complete field of vision like other VR glasses. This means that, on a plane for example, the user can get the attention of the person sitting next to them or the flight attendant.

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N.B. Image credit: Lufthansa

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