Self bag tag now available at Indianapolis

American and Southwest now offer new self-serve kiosks

Passengers flying out of Indianapolis International Airport (IND) via American Airlines and Southwest Airlines now have the option to check-in and get their bag tags at self-service kiosks.

Using the kiosks mean that passengers can check in for their flight, print their boarding pass, change flights, and tag their own bags.

But even though passengers tag the bag themselves they still have to drop the bag at a (in non-US eyes) traditional bag drop desk.

Currently, American and Southwest are the airlines offering self bag tag for their passengers.

American Airlines was the first to offer self bag tag earlier this year, Southwest recently launched their self bag tag kiosks.


The self-service kiosks are located in the American and Southwest ticketing areas of the Indy airport.

Passengers are still able to use the airlines’ agents at the ticket counter to check-in, check bags, change their flights, or handle other needs.

Other airlines at the Indy airport, such as Delta, Frontier, United and Alaska airlines have self-service kiosks for check-in.

Earlier this year the IAA and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection introduced two Global Entry kiosks to help low-risk, pre-approved international passengers move through customs more quickly.

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