KLM launches ‘Try before you Fly’ AR campaign

KLM is using AR to promote its destinations

KLM is the first airline worldwide to run a campaign using Facebook’s Augmented Reality (AR) ads format aimed at promoting its destinations on Facebook.

AR technology connects reality and the virtual world. So the idea is that passengers can explore KLM destinations before booking a ticket.

By clicking on the AR ad, people will be able to use the Facebook camera to see themselves with a KLM suitcase on their way to the new destination. It will then be possible to enjoy a 360° view of what the destination has to offer within the ‘Try before you Fly’ AR environment!

Over and above useful travel tips and interesting snippets of information, KLM hopes to add real-time ticket prices within this AR environment as part of the next step.

During the initial test phase, KLM will focus on destinations. It intends to offer products and services in the future using AR technology.

Pieter Groeneveld, Senior Vice President Digital:

“Augmented Reality is rapidly changing the world. Consumers are discovering this functionality more and more in their daily lives. It provides a new vehicle to enable KLM followers to discover less well-known, amazing destinations through social media.

“And this is just the start. Hoping to benefit KLM passengers and stay true to our pioneering spirit, we are already anticipating new AR applications. We aim to continue to act as the undisputed leader of digital services in the airline industry.”

N.B. Image credit: Unsplash / Miguel Ángel Sanz

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