ANA using interactive translator devices at Japanese airports

Devices will be used at all 50 domestic Japanese airports

Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) has introduced an interactive translator at Japanese airports.

ANA is introducing the hand-held device, called POCKETALK, to help ANA ground staff and international passengers communicate better.

POCKETALK is a portable real-time language translator that will enable ANA ground staff in domestic airports to communicate with all of its passengers instantly and naturally – no matter what language they speak. It has the ability to translate up to 74 languages including various dialects and commonly used idiomatic phrases.

The device has microphones with noise cancellation so that people talk into it in a normal voice. It connects to the internet and uses AI interpretation and cloud technologies for highly accurate translations.

ANA plans to implement the translator devices  at all 50 airports in Japan ANA serves.

They introduced the first POCKETALK devices at the lobby and boarding gates of Osaka International Itami Airport on December 18.

The airline plans to introduce a total of 200 devices across all 50 domestic Japanese airports.

The devices come from SOURCENEXT.

Masaki Yokai, Senior Vice President of ANA:

“ANA is constantly looking for opportunities to improve the passenger’s travel experience, and that includes taking steps to make our service at airports as inclusive and convenient as possible.

“Our commitment to service and Japanese hospitality has inspired us to look at innovative ways to use technology to enhance the passenger experience. Providing POCKETALK to our staff will simplify communication with global travelers and allow them to better meet passenger needs.”

N.B. Image credit: Sourcenext

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