Avalon Airport is introducing touchless self-service

Avalon is first in Australia to introduce touchless check-in

Avalon Airport is introducing touchless self-service when the airport recommences flights. 

The airport outside of Melbourne will install six kiosks where instead of touching screens, passengers will control their interaction with the kiosks and bag drops via head movement.

Cameras in kiosks and bag drops will link the movement of the passenger’s head with the movement of a cursor on the screen.

In addition, passports can be read by holding them open in front of a camera, rather than by inserting them into a passport slot.

The aim is to help reduce the risk that a virus is transferred between multiple passengers touching the same devices.

The new system comes from Australian company Elenium Automation.

Elenium has more than 700 check-in kiosks in use by more than 40 airlines across thirteen airports, including Hong Kong, Auckland, Avalon, Bangalore and Sydney airports.

Elenium has touchless, patent-pending technologies that can also measure a passenger’s vital signs including temperature, respiratory and heart rate.

Elenium’s touchless technology is part of a broader solution the company has developed in response to the COVID-19 virus. The full suite of technology includes:

  • Touchless control of a device using voice recognition (multiple languages), developed in partnership with Amazon Web Services
  • Touchless control of a device using head movement control
  • Touchless passport and identity card reading 
  • Touchless vital sign detection, including temperature, respiratory and heart rates

About Avalon Airport

Avalon Airport is an international airport located in Avalon about 50 kilometres (31 mi) south-west of the Melbourne.

Avalon is usually served by Jetstar Airways.

Avalon Airport is host of the Australian International Airshow every two years. The next event is planned for 2021.

N.B. Image credit: Avalon Airport

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