Iceland picks IDEMIA for border control

Uses self-service kiosks and automated eGates

Iceland has selected IDEMIA for border control systems at its airports and sea borders.

Iceland has to introduce such systems as part of its EU Entry/Exit System (EU-EES).

By 2022, new EU-EES regulations will require that biometric data, including face and fingerprints, of Third Country Nationals (TCNs) be captured and identified at the Schengen Area’s external borders. This will affect border check processes for all Schengen Member States.

The Iceland border system will be highly automated, including:

  • self-service kiosks that do fast and reliable immigration pre-checks and passenger registrations for air, land and sea borders
  • automated eGates that read and authenticate travel documents, verify passenger identity, do ID fraud detection, passenger eligibility checks and Entry-Exit authorization

The automated system will be backed up by humans as the system will be tied in to operator-manned counters, mobile solutions and tracking systems.

Iceland expects the new system to reach operation in 2021, and process an average of 10 million passengers a year

Iceland is a pretty big island and almost 95 percent pass through Keflavik International Airport.

But the country also has 30 seaports and these have to get the system as well.


IDEMIA is one of the industry’s leading players for biometric solutions.

They operate all across the travel industry not just with airlines.

On 2017, IDEMIA trialled a facial recognition system on Royal Caribbean ships.

N.B. Image credit: IDEMIA

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