New LATAM lounge in Santiago is largest in South America

Lounge focuses on sustainability

The LATAM group has opened a new ‘LATAM Lounge’ for its top passengers at Santiago Airport.

The new lounge is huge – more than 4,000 square metres. It is the largest lounge in South America.

It has all the expected features like showers, sleeping areas and good food. It also emphasises its green credentials and Latin American influence.


The LATAM Lounge has a wide range of features, including:

  • lockers for hand luggage
  • showers
  • sleeping areas
  • ironing service
  • shoe shine
  • co-work areas
  • special areas for children and family
  • open bar
  • buffet service with Latin American cuisine


LATAM emphasises the green attributes of its huge new lounge.

The sustainable attributes include:

  • 80% renewable energy for its operation
  • interactive games with educational themes surrounding recycling and conservation
  • waste reduction is encouraged through recycling and reuse

This new lounge will also compensate its carbon footprint through conservation projects in South America. 

Latin American influence

LATAM are keen to show their Latin credentials.

The new lounge has a series of art sculptures by emerging South American artists, made mostly with recycled materials.

Ximena Guzmán (Chilen), Sofía Donován (Argentinean) and Percy Zorrilla (Peruvian) are some of 21 artists who will exhibit their works in the new lounge.

As mentioned in features, the buffet service has Latin American cuisine.


The LATAM Lounge is located in the new Terminal 2, where all international flights go from.

About Santiago International Airport (SCL)

Santiago International Airport is the largest airport in Chile and headquarters of LATAM.

The airport is also known as Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport and NuevoPudahuel Airport.

It is located in Pudahuel, 15 km (9.3 mi) north-west of downtown Santiago.

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