Zurich Airport installing EES border control

Switzerland’s largest airport is installing new border control technology from German based secunet.

Zurich Airport is implementing the necessary border control technology required for the upcoming European Entry/Exit System (EES).

As part of the European Union’s Smart Borders Initiative, Third Country Nationals will be required to register with a facial image and four fingerprints at land, sea and air borders in the Schengen area.

The data will be stored in the central EES and has two main purposes:

  • make it easier to detect when Third Country Nationals exceed the permitted duration of stay in the EU
  • prevent illegal entries into the Schengen area

At Zurich Airport, secunet is currently implementing EES-compliant border control software and is also connecting the various border control components to communicate directly with the EU’s central EES.

In the future, the infrastructure will be further optimized with EES-compliant components, such as ABC systems for automated border control and self-service kiosks for biometric pre-enrolment. 


The EES-system comes from German-based secunet.

secunet has been successfully working with the Zurich Cantonal Police and secunet for many years. In 2014 they installed the (then) latest border control technology at Zurich Airport, including ABC egates.

Other European states use border control technology from secunet, including: Bulgaria, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

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