Prague adds more ABC eGates from secunet

Seven more ABC e-gates - three in arrivals and four in departures

Prague’s Václav Havel airport is installing seven additional automatic border control gates.

The new implementation adds seven more ABC eGates – three in arrivals and four in departures. The Czech airport implemented ten ABC e-gates in 2015 – six in arrivals and four in departures.

secunet and its Czech partner Vítkovice IT Solutions supply the ABC e-gates.

Around 85,000 passengers a month use the ten ABC eGates installed in 2015. As a result of their popularity the Czech border police is expanding its border control systems at Prague airport to include the seven extra secunet easygates.

They will enter into operation in the coming weeks.

The ABC eGates are part of the Czech border police project called EasyGO which is designed to secure the external borders of the Schengen.

Her is a video from Vítkovice IT Solutions showing the existing ABC eGates in use.

secunet – as the prime contractor – has also won another tender of the Czech police covering the addition of a DVCA component to the background system used to process electronic identity documents. This project which is officially called National Control Authority (NCA) will also be implemented with support of Vítkovice IT Solutions a.s.

The Document Verifying Certification Authority is needed to read data from electronic ID documents protected by the EAC security protocol. The expansion of the background system will allow Czech border control authorities to examine electronic identity documents in full at all national border inspection posts in future. The project is scheduled to complete by the end of the year.

Petr Malovec, Head of the Czech border police’s National Centre for Border Situations:

“The expansion of the EasyGO eGate project and the implementation of a DVCA component represent a substantial contribution in terms of the sustainable approach being pursued by the Czech border police. We are delighted to be working with our reliable partners secunet and Vítkovice IT Solutions a.s. once more, and are sure that the projects we have commissioned will be implemented in a timely manner and to the usual high standards.”

N.B. Image credit: Vítkovice IT Solutions

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