Suvarnabhumi Airport introduces passenger validation system

15 egates in use to check boarding passes

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport has implemented a passenger validation system (PVS) for departing passengers.

The PVS requires passengers to use an automated system that checks their boarding pass is valid before allowing them airside.

Passengers scan the barcode on their boarding pass – paper or electronic – at the screen on the egate.

The system checks their travel information and allows access to only valid passengers.

The checks are fast and accurate and prevent unauthorised people from entering restricted or flight-controlled areas. It also prevents the reuse of boarding passes that have already been scanned.

The PVS system replaces the manual process where airport staff checked the boarding pass.

Airport employees are nearby to help passengers using the system.

To start with the system is launching at 15 egates in Terminal 4. They are at the domestic departure checkpoint and up to the international departure checkpoint zone 2 and zone 3.

The PSV system is part of an ongoing process at Thailand’s principal airport to become a Digital Airport and therefore improve the passenger experience.

N.B. Image credit; Facebook/Suvarnabhumi Airport

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