Inflight entertainment from Flybe and Kelly Brook

Flybe has launched a trial offering the latest tech toys pre-loaded with shows on domestic flights.

Inflight entertainment from FlybeA trial of a new type of inflight entertainment has been launched on Flybe. It is a new initiative between Sky and Flybe, offering airline passengers the latest tech toys pre-loaded with shows to enjoy onboard domestic flights.

Passengers travelling on selected Flybe flights between Southampton and Edinburgh will have the chance to use iPads and Galaxy Samsung Notes pre-loaded with hundreds of TV shows using  a new service from Sky which lets them download films and TV to smartphones and tablets, so there’s no need for an internet connection whilst watching their favourite show.

The trial is currently only running for a week on Flybe’s 90-minute Southampton-Edinburgh route – devices will be loaned out to passengers on a first-come, first-served basis.

About Flybe

Flybe is Europe’s largest regional airline flying over 7.6 million passengers a year to over 199 routes serving 17 countries, operating from a total of 86 departure points, 35 UK and 51 European airports (flown under the Flybe brand, of which 32 routes and 11 airports are exclusively served by Flybe’s franchise partner, Loganair).