Inflight entertainment on Emirates enhanced with African movies

Inflight entertainment on Emirates (EK) is to be enhanced with with a broad selection of African movies, supplied by IFE services.

Inflight entertainment on Emirates to have a selection of African moviesInflight entertainment on Emirates (EK) is to be enhanced with with a broad selection of African movies, supplied by IFE Services.

The movies, which include titles from Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and other regions of Africa, will play on Emirates’ multi award-winning in-flight entertainment system, ice (information, communications and entertainment). IFE Services will manage all digital encoding requirements for the onboard delivery of the movies. The African movie industry is thriving currently with Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry, now the second largest producer of films in the world in terms of the number made. The movie sectors of many other African countries are also in excellent health with an increasing number of high quality productions being made year on year.

IFE Services currently meets the entertainment requirements of over 50 airlines and cruise lines globally with a variety of embedded, portable and wireless systems.  The company supplies everything from movies, TV shows, audio and games to apps, safety films, entertainment guides and pre-recorded announcements. The company is the leading IFE content service provider in emerging markets enjoying significant growth in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia over the past 12 months.

“It’s a great privilege to be supplying Emirates with content for their excellent ice system,” said Andy McEwan, CEO of IFE Services. “We look forward to working closely with their team on this and future projects.”

About IFE Services

IFE Services is a leading provider of in-flight entertainment solutions to the airline industry. Its focus on quality and innovation is supported by a strong commitment to customer service and investment in the latest systems and technologies.

IFE Services supplies a full range of services to enable its clients to provide a first class entertainment experience to passengers. They include movies, TV programmes, audio, games, apps, safety and destination films, portable entertainment systems, onboard publications and AVOD technical support and management.

IFE Services works with a broad client-base worldwide of over 50 airlines and cruise ship operators. The company’s headquarters are in Cheshire, UK with regional offices located in Madrid, Singapore, Santiago, Johannesburg and Irvine, California.

IFE Services is a privately owned company and part of the Travel Entertainment Group.