Self-tagging introduced by Hawaiian Airlines at Honolulu

Hawaiian Airlines has implemented luggage self-tagging at all check-in kiosks at Honolulu International Airport.

Self-tagging introduced by Hawaiian at HonoluluHawaiian Airlines has implemented luggage self-tagging at all its check-in kiosks at Honolulu International Airport (HNL), allowing customers to print their boarding passes and weigh and check their luggage seamlessly.

Hawaiian is the first U.S. domestic carrier to move its main hub to a completely self-tagging environment.  The company estimates that the new system will reduce its check-in process to less than five minutes.

The self-tagging system launched on March 12 in Honolulu and will be implemented at Hawaiian Airlines check-in lobbies throughout the islands later this year.

“Every minute saved in the check-in process improves our customers’ experience substantially, so this is a significant enhancement,” explained Louis Saint-Cyr, Hawaiian’s vice president for customer service.  “The kiosks reduced our customers’ check-in time to 8 minutes.  The ability to self-tag bags reduces the check-in time even further — by nearly half.”

Prior to the renovation of its kiosks, Hawaiian Airlines passengers using the self-service kiosks were required to wait for a customer service agent to tag their luggage and complete the check-in process.

Allowing customers to tag their own luggage frees Hawaiian’s customer service agents to provide additional attention to passengers with oversized luggage or other special check-in needs, Saint-Cyr added.  Customer service agents will also be available to assist customers with the self-tagging process, and customer-service counters will be available in the lobby for additional customer assistance.