Avoid being stuck in the middle seat – receive alerts when preferred seats become available

TripIt now features Seat Tracker, which alerts passengers when a better seat may be available on their flight.

Middleseat TripIt now features Seat Tracker, which alerts passengers when a better seat may be available on their flight. With Seat Tracker, passengers can define their preferred seats and be the first to know when the seat they want can be claimed.

A new feature of TripIt Pro, Seat Tracker aids business travelers, frequent jetsetters and vacationing families alike, enabling flyers to set and monitor their preferred seats:

  • Pick window, aisle or either
  • Specify front or back of cabin
  • Track the exit row or bulkhead
  • Find seats together, in groups as large as four
  • Choose economy, premium economy, business or first class

Because TripIt already parses airline confirmations to create an all-in-one travel itinerary, implementing Seat Tracker requires minimal user effort. Travelers simply share their seat preferences, and TripIt Pro continuously tracks seat reservations on applicable flights. If a more desirable seat comes available, TripIt sends a push, text or email alert with instructions on how to contact the airline or booking agent to claim that seat.

“We’ve all had those traumatic, squeezed-in, no-recline middle-seat experiences while flying,” said Edith Harbaugh , director of product management for TripIt. “Seat Tracker, as with all our TripIt Pro trackers, is all about giving travelers the power of knowledge. We’ll alert you when a better seat becomes available, meaning you can snag it before anyone else on your flight. Being more comfortable when you travel – whether that means having more legroom or a seat with a view – gets us one step closer to achieving ‘The Perfect Trip.'”

To track seats, users must be members of TripIt Pro ($49/year), which also provides features including check-in reminders, trip organization, point tracking, fare tracking, gate change notifications, cancellation and delay alerts, and alternate flight information.

Seat Tracker is currently available via web, with mobile offerings arriving in the coming weeks. Visit www.tripit.com/seattracker to learn more about Seat Tracker, try TripIt Pro, and set seat preferences for upcoming trips.