US Airways baggage delivery service and tool to track checked bags

US Airways offers passengers the ability to skip the line at baggage claim with delivery to their home, hotel or office.

US Airways has introduced a baggage delivery service

US Airways (US) has launched a new service that allows passengers to have their luggage delivered to their hotels, homes or other destinations.

The Bags VIP delivery service charges $29.95 for one bag, $39.95 for two bags and $49.95 for three bags or more.

The delivery fees are on top of baggage charges US Airways assesses on travelers when they check in at the airport.


Bags VIP Delivery Service

Passengers have their bags delivered directly to their home, hotel or business with Bags VIP delivery. Passengers  can schedule and pay for Bags VIP delivery up to one hour prior to their scheduled departure at

Once scheduled, passengers need only to drop the bags off at the airport, pay any applicable baggage fees and they will be delivered within four to six hours of arrival.

Track Your Bag

Any passenger connected to the Internet can now view real-time information on the bag’s status, including when the bag is checked in, on a plane, and off a plane, with US Airways’ Track Your Bag tool.

Track Your Bag tool can easily be accessed at; all that is needed is a last name and baggage tag number or confirmation code.

Track Your Bag is also available free on Gogo® internet equipped flights.