easyJet mobile boarding passes at Gatwick

easyJet now offers mobile boarding passes at Gatwick for Apple or Android smartphone passengers.

easyJet, the UK’s largest airline, has announced that customers travelling from London Gatwick Airport can now board their flights using mobile boarding passes on their Apple or Android smartphones.

Just four months after starting to trial the technology at six airports (London Stansted, London Southend, Manchester, Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Nice,) mobile boarding passes are now available for around 85% of the easyJet network.

Peter Duffy, easyJet’s Marketing Director:

“More than six million people have now downloaded the easyJet app to buy flights and get the most up to date information about their travel. Giving passengers the option of mobile boarding pass technology is another way for us to make flying with easyJet as easy as possible.”

Over half a million mobile easyJet boarding passes have been downloaded since the airline added this functionality to the app. The paper saved to date would stack up to more than 60m high – taller than some of Europe’s most popular landmarks like the Arc de Triomphe’s 50m, Nelson’s Column at 52m and the Leaning Tower of Pisa at 56m high.

The easyJet app is the fastest in the industry enabling passengers to book a flight in less than 30 seconds. Adding mobile check-in and boarding passes makes the whole process even quicker and more seamless with no need to print any paperwork.

The process has been designed to be as clear and simple as possible – passengers can see their status as ‘checked-in’ or ‘not checked-in’ and boarding passes are stored offline once downloaded, so that they can be accessed without incurring roaming charges or needing network coverage as early as 30 days ahead of the flight’s departure or as little as two hours before.

Over six million people have downloaded the easyJet app http://www.easyjet.com/mobile since its launch less than two years ago and the airline continues to invest in mobile technology.