Copenhagen introduces self bagdrops

Self-service bag drops is popular in Copenhagen.
Save time at CPH with self bagdrop
Save time at CPH with self bagdrop

Passengers will save time and airlines will save money by Copenhagen Airport’s introduction of self bagdrops – initially for passengers flying SAS and Norwegian.

Six out of ten passengers at Copenhagen Airport (CPH) can now control their time at the airport to an even greater extent as SAS and Norwegian offer their passengers to use 12 new self-service bag drops from DSG Systems.

A simple hand scanner reads the baggage tag the passenger has printed out in advance. After that, the bags just have to be put on the baggage belt, ready to go. If the bags are too heavy or big, the information screen will display simple solutions to the problems, and the airlines will always have staff nearby, ready to assist if needed.

“We focus on making passengers’ way through the airport simpler and faster, and we also strive to reduce airline costs. Those are two of our areas of strategic focus, so we’re very pleased that the self-service bag drops support both goals,” said Marie-Louise Lotz, head of passenger service at Copenhagen Airport.

Great opportunities

SAS, the biggest airline at Copenhagen Airport sees great opportunities in the self-service solution:

“We want our passengers to have a pleasant, frictionless and efficient experience at the airport, which this self-service facility helps provide,” said head of SAS Groundhandling Hans Henrik Spangenberg.

“SAS already uses self-service bag drops at Oslo and is currently testing a solution at Stockholm; and we receive very favourable responses from our passengers in both locations. So we look forward to a good start to this new option at Copenhagen Airport.”

And at Norwegian, the project has been driven partly by the time-saving aspects for passengers,

“We focus on making the check-in process as easy as possible for our passengers. The introduction of self-service bag drops at Copenhagen Airport has brought us a step closer. Our passengers are used to and happy to check in themselves, and we look forward to offering an additional time-saving service,” said Norwegian’s Chief information Officer Johan Bisgaard Larsen.

Most passengers use self-service options

By far the majority of passengers at Copenhagen Airport check-in online, on their mobile phones or at one of the 99 self-service kiosks at the airport.

“Our surveys of passenger satisfaction show that passengers increasingly prefer “DIY” solutions. So with the self-service bag drops, we create a basis for even greater passenger satisfaction,” said Marie-Louise Lotz, head of passenger service at Copenhagen Airport.

When the technology behind the new system allows it, other airlines will also have the option to offer their passengers the same service. But SAS and Norwegian will be the first airlines to offer eight and four self-service bag drops respectively.

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