Self print bag tag on Air France

Passengers print their own bagtags on A4 paper.

Air France has introduced self print bag tags for its flights within metropolitan France.

The airline is the latest company to offer this facility where passengers print their own bag tags on A4 paper.

The tag can be printed up to 30 hours before the flight.

Passengers have been able to use self print boarding passes for several years and will see this as a natural extension of this excellent facility.

How it works

When checking-in online, passengers follow these simple steps:

  • Select the number of baggage tags needed
  • Print each baggage tag on a standard A4 sheet of paper (1 tag per A4 sheet)
  • Fold the paper in four, as indicated in the instructions, making sure that the bar codes are clearly visible on both sides of every tag
  • Take a reusable plastic tag holder at the airport and insert the printed tag, using one holder for each tag
  • Attach the tag holder to the bag
  • Leave the bags at the EXPRESS baggage drop-off counter

For flights departing from Paris-Orly or Nice, passengers should drop their bags at the self-service baggage drop-off.

Iberia introduced self print bag tags in Summer 2013 and Billund airport in Denmark had them in mid 2012.

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